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Blast Search
STEP 1 - Select your databases

CSE_r1.1 (71,057 genes)
CSE_r1.1.cds (CDS)
CSE_r1.1.pep (PEP) protein database

CSE_r1.1_maker (158,375 genes)
CSE_r1.1_maker.cds (CDS)
CSE_r1.1_maker.pep (PEP) protein database

CSE_r1.0 (71,052 genes)
CSE_r1.0.cds (CDS)
CSE_r1.0.transcript (Transcript)
CSE_r1.0.pep (PEP) protein database

CSE_r1.0_maker (158,374 genes)
CSE_r1.0_maker.cds (CDS)
CSE_r1.0_maker.transcript (Transcript)
CSE_r1.0_maker.pep (PEP) protein database
STEP 2 - Enter your input sequence
(FASTA format recommended.)
STEP 3 - Set your parameters
Search program
BLASTN (search nucleotide databases using a nucleotide query.)
BLASTP (search protein databases using a protein query.)
BLASTX (search protein databases using a translated nucleotide query.)
TBLASTN (search translated nucleotide databases using a protein query. )
TBLASTX (search translated nucleotide databases using a translated nucleotide query.)

Number of search results
one-line descriptions will be reported:
alignments will be reported:

Sequence Cut
Extract Kb upstream and downstream sequences from the hit region.

Advanced settings
Expectation value
Disable low complexity filtering (DNA:dust, AA:seg)
Optimized for short sequences (BLASTN)